Supervisors or proofreaders wanted!

For the coming winter semester we are still looking for supervisors or proofreaders for the following courses:

  • Exercises for the lecture Solid State Physics (B.Sc. Physics) by Prof. Ronning
  • Exercises for the lecture electronics with Dr. Roman Forker
  • Supervision of basic internship – electronics experiments (in electronics internship, yellow house, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon) with Holger Mühlig and Dr. Roman Forker

There are sample solutions for all exercises, so you don’t have to suck everything out of your fingers. There is also something to earn (about HiWi contracts of the PAF), the effort should not be in vain 😉 Depending on how the individual time allows it, up to 40 hours per month are possible. The lecture period is from 14.10.2019 to 07.02.2020, the first exercises to be corrected will take place in the second or third lecture week.

For the supervision of the basic internship there are HiWi contracts for 26 hours per month. This includes the attendance time as well as the time to correct the protocols.

Please apply to fsr[at]