What is the FSR PAF?

The Student Council of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy is a group of committed students of physics and materials science who volunteer for their fellow students. Once a year fifteen members are elected by the students, who are, however, still supported by voluntary members, the so-called eFSR (extended/voluntary FSR). All members of the Student body, i.e. students of the study courses B.Sc. Physics, Teaching Physics, M.Sc. Physics, M.Sc. Photonics, B.Sc. Materials Science, M.Sc. Materials Science may vote. We represent the student body, e.g. during the introductory days, the MINT Festival and the university information day.

What does the FSR PAF do?

Whenever you have questions, ambiguities or problems concerning your studies at the PAF, you can contact us. Either send an email to fsr[at]paf.uni-jena.de, call 03641/9-47095 or come to our office during our office hours (see left margin!) in the office of the Fachschaft at Max-Wien-Platz 1.

With the student representatives’ share of your semester fee, we organise a whole series of events, e.g. sports tournaments, the introductory days, excursions, the student professors’ meeting and the parties at the beginning of the semester. We also support the jDPG and the jung-DGM in their events.

In addition, we network with the student councils of other universities, e.g. by taking part in the once-semester Federal Conference on Physics (ZaPF) and the Conference on Materials Science (KaWuM).

We regularly inform about our activities in a newsletter. If you are not registered yet, you can do this here on your own.

You want to join us or you always wanted to know how an FSR works?

Then just come to our next meeting (every Wednesday from 7 p.m. in the office of the FSR at Max-Wien-Platz 1). The minutes of past meetings can be found here.