Excursion to Dresden in winter 2024

We are going to Dresden!

We would like to invite you to our excursion to Dresden on January 19, 2024. You can choose whether you want to visit the Helmholtz Institute Dresden-Rossendorf to see particle accelerators or join an exciting guided tour (also in English if there is enough demand) through the Leibnitz Institute for Solid State Research. Afterwards, we want to spend some time together in the city and then drive home in the evening/night

We will be traveling to Dresden on one of the most beautiful regional train routes in Germany, so it would be an advantage if you could get the Deutschland-Ticket (available in the DB Navigator until at least 20.12.) or the Sachsenticket (if you buy it as a group of 5, it’s the cheapest version, https://www.bahn.de/angebot/regio/laender-tickets/sachsen-ticket).