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Get-together in the Quere: We can do it!



We all are struggling sometimes and often with our studies. Most people who study physics have had moments when they thought about dropping out and starting something new. Let’s talk about it together! 

Are you a first-year student who is currently despairing about the LinA exercise series, the GP, etc.? 

Or are you already in the middle of your studies and want to give other people new perspectives and reasons not to give up? 

Then maybe consider dropping by on 20 December for a relaxed get-together in the Quere (Quergasse 1) from ‼️19:30‼️ (in the room at the top).

No matter which semester and what your desperation level says, you are dearly invited! 

We look forward to meeting you : )

P.S.: this is an event primarily targeted to first-year Bacholer of Science students.