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Physics colloquium with barbecue

Today we are once again talking about a special event that we already know: The Physics Colloquium (Physikalisches Kolloquium). This time we have a very special guest on board with whom almost all of you have had something to do. It’s about the father of mp3, Professor Brandenburg from TU Ilmenau/Brandenburg Labs. He is a luminary in the field of acoustic signal processing and has received several awards. Among other things, he developed the mp3 technology and will also tell us about it in his lecture followed by a discussion. In addition to his lecture on 12.06. at 16:15 in HS1 of the Abbeanum, you can also meet him at the barbecue afterwards on the open-air area (Freifläche inbetween yellow and red house). We are looking forward to seeing you!
P.S.: The lecture will be in English, as usual at the Physics Colloquia, so that as many people as possible can understand it 🙂