Searching help


Everybody gets to the point that you need help, you don’t know something exactly or you’re no longer sure if you’re doing the right thing. That is of course no shame and so that you don’t have to stew with your problems alone, there are all kinds of help mechanisms, which are enumerated in the following for you.

Office hours of the Fachschaftsrat

Neither do we always have a full overview of the procedures and regulations at the university, nor do we have any powers to register or deregister you anywhere, nor are we trained therapists or the like. Nevertheless, we are happy to be your first point of contact and believe that in most cases we can at least direct you to the right place. You are cordially invited to visit us in our comfortable office hours, which can be found on our website. In our office at Max-Wien-Platz 1 you can drink tea or other things with us and chat about what moves you.

Student Counseling

First a degree or immediately into unemployment? And if study, with what is then the right thing? Does my course of studies suit me at all or would I be able to live out myself better in another? If such questions torment you, you should seek advice from a student advisor. You can find them here in general, but also specifically for your course of studies. This is the responsibility of the Examination Office at the PAF.

Career & Welcome Point

A further point of contact in addition to the student advisory service is the university’s Career & Welcome Point. Would you like to start your career and have your application documents checked? Then you’ve come to the right place. Furthermore, the Career Point supports international guest researchers during their stay in Jena and advises you on all questions concerning a career in Thuringia.

Programme Officers

Even if sometimes it doesn’t seem so, but even for the lecturers it is important that we are well looked after in our studies. For each of the study courses there is a representative who tries to take care of the overall organization and your concerns.

Examination Office

No FSR member, no lecturer and no professor can do what Mrs. Wusch (Physics & Teaching) and Mrs. Hartung (MaWi & Photonics) at the Examination Office can do for you. When it comes to Friedolin and exam registrations, proofs and your grades, the employees of the examination office are the ideal contact. For further questions, such as “Which examination office do I have to go to?” and “Where can I find them”, please refer to the website of our faculty.

Legal advice

Of course, we hope you won’t need a lawyer during your studies. Nevertheless, if you have any legal questions, you can take advantage of the free legal advice of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

International Office

Do you want to get to know the world during your studies? Then the International Office (IB) is the right place to go. Here you will receive support in your search for a suitable place to study abroad.  In addition, the IB’s mentoring program helps international students to start their studies in Jena more easily.

Psychosocial assistance

If you feel overwhelmed during your studies or have personal difficulties, we can, if an open ear on our part does not help, refer you to the psychosocial counselling of the Studentenwerk. These offers are free of charge for us students and offer a personal consultation with a neutral person.

Writing Centre

How do I start? How do I structure my text at all? Presented with an empty sheet of paper, these are the questions that probably everyone will ask sooner or later during their studies. Support in case of writing or writer’s block is provided by the FSU Writing Centre with workshops and individual counselling.